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students in chile clashed with police as they marched to change the nation's education system sights and sounds from that protest coming your way and also look at the cost of education here in the u.s. is walls around the globe and it's thursday which means it's time for the weekly report from wiretapping data it's the elusive quantum internet coming up an expanded look on how the government and private companies companies are getting caught up in the web. and since the days of nine eleven the way that the u.s. has revolutionized its ways it's a ways of fighting war are unprecedented instead of overt operations with tens of thousands of boots on the ground targeted killings and kill squads are the name of the game look into the metamorphosis of war with the author who explores the topic
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in his new book. it's thursday may ninth five pm in washington d.c. hi megan lopez and you are our watching. starting off this hour tens of thousands of student activists flooded the streets of chile yesterday to protest the education system between thirty seven and eighty thousand students gathered inside tiago paseo concepcion tell lupo involved to demand more affordable higher education just recently the chilean government changed the criteria for students to receive federal financial aid the minimum income requirements were raised disqualifying thousands of students from acquiring the aid they need to actually pay for college the protests were largely peaceful however there were a few instances where groups of people donning masks actually clashed with police officers here's
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a look at the sights and sounds from yesterday's demonstrations. now these protests have been happening intermittently ever since two thousand and eleven but in the lead up to the country's election season the significance of these most recent protests cannot be understated education will no doubt be an important issue when voters head to the polls to pick the next president in
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november. meanwhile in canada a three person panel has been tasked with investigating the actions taken by police and protesters during last year's student demonstrations student leaders police representatives as well as politicians are now criticizing the party comeback was decision to actually conduct. this investigation from behind closed doors let's take a look at how the country got to this point. last year's education demonstrations were dubbed the maple spring some two hundred thousand people actually gathered to rally against a planned seventy seven percent to wish an increase in quebec over the next five years that plan was later rejected for an annual increase of just three percent however it should be noted that tuition in quetta is around fifteen hundred dollars a year so a drop in the hat compared to american universities protesters accuse the police of mass round ups excessive fines over use of force and limiting their mobility the
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three person panel is expected to come up with a decision by the end of this year however critics question the intent of this investigation since the panel will not have the power to subpoena witnesses or pin opens is on individual officers. back here in the u.s. message who says senator elizabeth warren actually introduced legislation on wednesday that would set the interest rates on subsidized stafford student loans at the same rate as big banks however this bill is only a temporary measure these lower interest rates would only be effective for one year or so just long enough for congress to be able to debate a long term legislation earlier i was joined by professor part three ceo's on the rado and political and he's a political analyst and editor of info americas dot info in our d.c. studio and italia abrams she's the co-founder and director of operations at student debt crisis from our l.a. studio and i first started off by asking
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a talia how this bill affects students in turn college and the students from graduating college. right so the doubling of the student loan rate to six point eight percent is going to affect all new students coming in they did this last year they feels like we just do one year fixes and it doesn't do enough so every year instead of fighting for newer legislation organizations such as ours student debt crisis or has to go back to what we've bought last year so what elizabeth warren's bill will do will allow us to do like you said borrow at the same rates that the banks are borrowing i mean right now the big students are borrowing at nine times higher especially if the interest rate goes up but unfortunately what elizabeth warren's bill does not do is help existing borrower our wars and that's where our bill h.r. thirteen thirty rep that representative karen bass introduced will actually help existing borrowers with the student loan fairness act and natalia as you had
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mentioned it's only for one year in order to give congress more time to be able to figure out what's done being done and what needs to be done in the future but what is the point of one year or a couple of months what is that realistically going to do in terms of the negotiations they've been going on for quite some time after all. right well i feel like it's a distraction technique like i said before that we have to fight for this year after year versus doing something that will fundamentally change the way we borrow and provide funding for education in the united states i mean this is getting completely out of hand and we need something truly comprehensive like our bill that will allow students to be forgiven for a partial amount of their amount of partial amount of their debt and after ten years it's a ten ten program and we truly believe that our build its existing borrowers and new borrowers coming in and we need that type of comprehensive legislation to really go forward as elizabeth warren said we need to value education in this country it's vital to our national security to have an educated society and we are
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telling students that it's more important to buy a car to buy a house when you look at interest rates than it is to go to school and i were sending this consumerist message to our students that i think is very wrong and very harmful to our country as a whole now what we have in the u.s. obviously is senator warren and others who are fighting to come up with some type of solutions now as i understand it that's not necessarily the case and she lay these huge massive student movements like the one on april eleventh or over one hundred fifty thousand students gathered to talk about what's going on in chile right now what's what's going on the. only only interest would actually be main each should be x. is about quality. in fact of the middle class now is able to go to college does the cycle one thing we have a scholarship to the students of course are. complaining about would be fagged the . system in. private companies and b.
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are we basically are to go see they're in a. company. so what they're funny no. real free public education but this in time not only that league. has enough quality jobs for you to respond to the expectations of middle class that actually are easier to be beloved to come of it is salaries to covet a life so that's the main each you are a no in chile you're talking about raising public education sanders to be able to compete with private education natalia words dealing with a private education loans and the united states that all is as well can you talk about private education loans and how that might be factoring into the student debt crisis right here. well with private education loans most of them are unsubsidized student loans or private loans and they can't be converted to federal they can't
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they're not eligible for a lot of the federal programs that are actually out there right now that provide a little relief so when and not to mention you're paying so much more but the funny thing is for some middle class and lower class students they lower income students they actually sometimes can get a better loan deal a better deal by going to a private school because there's more aid available for them but that private student loan debt is really crushing when we see student when we see tuitions at fifty sixty thousand dollars a year i mean students are taking out over two hundred thousand dollars to attend these private schools which is more than the average mortgage in this country that was professor. of political analyst and editor of in for america's dot info and italia abrams she's a cofounder of and director of operations at student debt crisis. what was once described as one giant leap for mankind turned out to be only the first stepping stone in a long and exciting chapter of space exploration during the kennedy administration
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nasa learned how to shoot for the moon now they are looking beyond that and they have actually set their eyes on one place in particular the red planet but government funded space programs aren't alone these days this new space race now includes private companies as well archie correspondent liz wahl takes us tells us what's next for the final frontier. he was on man's first mission to the moon the second human to step foot there but for buzz aldrin that's not enough he's setting his sights on the planet of mars what do you envision it is. a growing permanent group of people arrive there knowing that they're going to spend the rest of their life and they've been trained as a team to to do that with. these different achievements aldrin envisions this
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happening by two thousand and thirty five but the mission to mars face is astronomical challenges financially technologically and politically if i could get one political word to the political people to think twenty thirty years for the best of the country not for where you come from but in times of sikh laceration it seems the government is putting space travel on the back burner the obama administration has proposed slashing nasa has planetary program in the two thousand and fourteen budget now the private sector is stepping up dennis tito a multimillionaire and world's first space tourist plans to send a couple on a flyby mission to mars by two thousand and eighteen the inspiration mars project envisions the spacecraft to look like this of our space travelers two thousand and eighteen is an ideal date and that's because mars and earth orbit the sun at different speeds as you can see earth's track isn't as big so we're orbits the sun
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much more quickly and that means the distance between the two planets is constantly changing and in two thousand and eighteen the group says the planets come together perfectly for the mission allowing them to fly to mars and back in about five hundred days. you know wasn't the only businessmen setting his sights beyond earth skies and recent weeks version of the lactic successfully test launch its space ship to. and in the desert of southwest new mexico the first space port built exclusively for paying passengers eagerly await their first customer r t got a sneak peek at the spaceport where the first commercial flight is slated to take off in two thousand and fourteen this is where we're actually control launches as you look out here you'll see our runway which we call a space way in our horizontal watch customers will take off the space weigh much like an airplane this was built to be virgin galactic said quarters set to serve as a terminal and a hangar it's here where passengers board their spacecraft and take off from this
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twelve thousand foot runway. just this week virgin galactic announced they've hired former military pilots frederick's turco was a nasa pilot and retired u.s. marine corps colonel michael mizuguchi is a retired u.s. air force lieutenant colonel both men have jumped to the private sector to pilot the company's space ship to the beginning of the partial passenger space line industry just like we have the commercial passenger airline industry so it is the dawn of a new era all signs that commercial interests are shaping the destiny of human space travel changing the game and face of astronauts as we know it other companies also are going to begin launches a next year or two so i think the opportunities for tourists are great renowned astronauts like neil armstrong and buzz aldrin bird cherry picked by nasa for scientific and military achievements and risked their own lives to venture to under-tone territory but with the dawn of space tourism more aspiring space
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travelers are paying their way the hope is that private and government interests will intersect now you can stimulate the interest and get people to think more about what really we can do with more support in washington liz wall r t well as that time of the week again time to talk tack from an. us piece of cyber legislation designed to keep copyright pirates at bay to potential government mandated internet back doors designed to monitor your moves online and beyond there's a lot happening in the world of technology so let's get right to it joining me now to break it all down from l.a. is the founder of s.s.p. bluey mancini gone and artie zone and you're black thank you guys for joining me let's begin by talking about the fact that earlier this week the new york times reported that the white house was a close to actually supporting a measure backed by the f.b.i. that would force all internet companies in the u.s.
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to actually provide a way for the government to conduct and detectable us surveillance so essentially it's making it easier for them to wiretap people he knew all start with you how exactly would this work. ok so the way to look at it is right now when you have the telephone government can wiretap telephone conversations what's missing is that technical capability on many of the internet platforms that exist and that are very popular today so what the government is saying is we don't really care how you do it but just build in that capability otherwise the other possibility and this is why it's actually a positive development is that the government could come with a piece of technology and say we're going to plug this into your network and who knows what could that could create chaos if they didn't actually know how it worked and so it's actually a good thing that they're doing it and letting the company decide and tell me what this means for users like you and me and also is there any way to protect ourselves from it no and in fact this would actually increase the likelihood you're going to be more vulnerable for attacks to by actually mandating that companies create these
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backdoor so that the government can come in and spy snoop around be able to watch whatever they want that backdoor is going to be open so hackers who were being told they're the nation's number one enemy are going to be able to exploit this more or less as long as they can outsmart the u.s. government which if history is any precedent is something that has happened quite often but you know for regular users like you and i so our communications online you know right now there's ways to eavesdrop on that stuff and there's ways to take communications are you store old e-mails i guess but this would essentially create a real time monitoring method for the government so anytime you're talking to someone in a facebook. chat on a well anything like that if you are under investigation the authorities are going to be able to see the information in real time and respond within moments if they feel like it's necessary so for people like us it's just saying that if you're going to be under investigation nothing you do is going to be saved at all as long as it's connected to the internet that's an interesting it let me just add
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a quick point on that because i had made a point if you're under investigation the reality of this is that you still have to as a government agent go through all the requirements that are present when you want to conduct which actually wiretapping capability. instill wiretapping capabilities on a person of in that you're investigating which is different than saying that any willy nilly joe schmoe out there is going to get investigated and therefore capable of being wiretapped the reality is the government has to go through so many hurdles to get to that point but the good part of that is if they're investigating said terrorist or somebody who is destined and bringing down the empire state building and they're using a platform that didn't have it the government has required that you will that if this legislation passes but you know it at the same time though they kind of i greta pointed out at the same time there's already. measures in place right now that remove a lot of these hurdles and a lot of these obstacles when it comes to different federal investigations so when it comes to when it comes down to obtaining some sort of story communication
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whether it's the in the entire bulk of the message or just subject line to and from line so that there's all sorts of different rules about what the government can get and how easy to get it and when it comes to when it comes to getting a search warrant for example you have to actually go to a judge have a judge sign off the official probable cause and you know there's a little bit of judiciary oversight when it comes to getting some data actually over courses and ministry of subpoena and that's something that only a prosecutor can sign and it's actually there's calls through to reform these rules because it's so easy for some information and not others to to be out there but this would update the kalia laws and just make it a bit easier for law enforcement in particular let's talk about that gentleman at the same time that all this news broke documents released by the a.c.l.u. as a result of the freedom of information act request actually revealed that the f.b.i. already claims the right to search your e-mail so this is just the way of the future is it not human. well there's definitely no question that you have to keep up with the criminals and if we build new technologies and we don't build
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investigative capability step parent at the end of the day citizens of america or for that matter any country are going to say if there was an attack or there was something very horrible that happened where was the government why weren't they doing something and i think we have to. so the good citizens versus the rights of individuals who are being investigated for horrible potentially horrible crimes and i think that's going to be something that's historically been done in the past it's not going to change today the debates are going to rage on and at some point whatever legislation comes out will end up being balanced but at the same time it will be continuously monitored by people like the a.c.l.u. as well as by technology companies and that balance in that discussion is actually a great thing to have inside the beltway let's move on the deter cyber theft act it was actually put up for debate this week this week lawmakers on both sides of the aisle actually introduced this new piece of cyber legislation to protect commercial data that would be patents and copyrights and whatnot so from first thing hackers
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and government. why don't you talk about how lawmakers are estimating this bill and what it would mean and what you need you know it's actually we're going to learn a lot through this because we've seen so many efforts in the last few years to to put in place different cyber security laws different computer legislation domestically speaking and if we've had so many obstacles we look at things like systems so pipo these things they just involve any sort of internet legislation at all and have come under so much through you know they've just been shot down so if we're actually going to try to make an effort to establish rules that are going to allegedly go after four and a half years we we can really find out here you know what is the priority of the u.s. government are they as concerned about these you know so-called cyber terrorists in china and iran as they say they are or are they more concerned about the u.s. computer criminals because there's lots of calls to make decisions amendments and changes to the computer fraud and abuse act here locally in the united states but
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if congress can actually move ahead and pass legislation this quickly that's going to to actually change the way that international relations work in terms of cybersecurity and things we really telling about the way congress works it's a very interesting there so much that is going on right now unfortunately we're going to have to end the conversation there we don't even have to talk about the quantum internet but i'll refer people to r.t. dot com for the latest on that r.t. producer and you're blake and founder of the s.s. . joining us from l.a. thank you. well war as we know it has changed it wasn't the type of change that pulled the rug out from under your feet and left you lang on the ground wondering what the hell just happened it was a gradual and elusive war that is actually being conducted in the shadows troops on the ground have given way to drone strikes the cia is now not only an intelligence gathering service any more overt orders have made way for those wars fought in the shadows and out of the consciousness of the public it is
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a trend that escalated during the george w. bush administration and actually continued into the obama presidency and not every american mission has been a noble cause yesterday i had a chance to sit down with pool a surprise when a new york times journalist mark mazetti to discuss this he's the author of the book the way of the knife the cia a secret army and a war at the ends of the earth and he began by talking about the transformation of the cia from an intelligence gathering agency to one that conducts missions and targets killing targets people to kill. so after nine eleven president bush gave the cia this broad authority to basically be at the center of these secret wars so. it was authority go around the world and capture and kill al qaeda operatives now the cia for the most part had been as much as possible out of the killing business since the mid seventy's when a lot of the assassination attempts and coup plots came to light and congress tried to rein the agency in what we've seen since nine eleven is the agency as i said has
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been at the center of these wars and really escalating in places like pakistan and yemen and parts of africa initially the strategy was really capturing interrogation and because of some of the controversies after a few years the agency largely got out of that and increasingly we've seen a strategy of killing primarily using armed drones so it's moved from intelligence gathering to manhunting and now armed drones and targeted killings let's talk about the transition also of this metaphor for a sense of covert wars versus overt wars in the past we had mostly overt wars now we have a lot of shadow wars going on in somalia for instance can you talk about does this transaction and what benefits this kind of covert war potentially offer or don't offer what i've tried to write about in the book is much as possible a history of these shadow war since nine eleven so away from iraq and afghanistan where this is taking place so there's really a whole history of war since nine eleven that people don't really know the court
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contours of we basically know what happened in iraq and what happened in afghanistan but for instance in pakistan somalia yemen you know how are these wars waged so if you take for instance somalia has become sort of a laboratory for sort of various operations whether their missile strikes hiring proxy armies like the cia one point employed a bunch of warlords to take on islam this was an operation that backfired in the islamists were powered the cia has used contractors i mean there's a lot of different things that take place in this laboratory that i've tried to write about in the book. sure now obviously the information that you've gathered in this book is unbelievable and it's just a very very comprehensive why do you think people are willing to talk to you about it do you think that it possibly shows cracks in the system as high as it is right now or does it show possibly an agenda to leak these things are is there something even more to this well lot of the book is reporting that i've sort of been building up over the years and i got if you stream little official help from anyone on this
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and i relied on people that i've relied on over the years sources that have come to trust me it's very difficult right now reporting in this environment because of there's been a crackdown on information and so i'm very grateful as i write the book to the people who did talk to me and i think that the people if there was an agenda was an agenda to sort of tell the history to tell what really happened and some people thought that too much of this is really been shrouded in secrecy for too long now donald rumsfeld once said that the cia is becoming more powerful at the expense of the u.s. defense department what did the president why did president bush prefer to use the cia and would you say that that is also being mirrored in the obama administration i think initially the president saw the benefits of the cia that could go around the world and had the authority to basically do whatever whatever he wanted it to do the pentagon on nine eleven really wasn't equipped to carry out this kind of war rumsfeld wanted to change that rumsfeld in many ways tried to make the pentagon more like the cia just as the cia was becoming more like the pentagon he was trying
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to expand but it got authority to go to send soldiers in the places where soldiers to normally go to gather human intelligence i think that by the end of the bush administration the pentagon really did have those authorities but as you said president obama really has relied on the cia in part because the pentagon has been tied down in the big wars and i think that there is a. presidents have seen this sort of seductive power of using secret of carrying out wars and secrecy secret in the c.i. . they offer secrecy now most most of the time they don't remain secret you can't keep a drone a campaign of drone strikes entirely secret but at least there's some deniability built in at the same time i have to ask about the cia accountability we do know that the seal teams were actually put under the control of the cia because the u.s. military was not allowed to go into pakistan because we're not in war so talk about the accountability on terms of the cia and could it be argued that some
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administrations are using the cia as a way to circumvent law well they certainly have the there is oversight of the cia in congressional committees and the congress the committees though we found out recently there's limits to what even they know i mean we also found out that the cia oftentimes is. representing some of the facts that they are talking about one report in particular just came out saying that the cia lied to the bush administration well and there's now a lengthy senate intelligence committee report talking about how the cia was was. as you said lying about the detention interrogation program some were lying they were lying to themselves even about exactly the efficacy of the program that report hasn't been declassified yet but you know certainly congress even the select members of the intelligence committee who are supposed to have access to the most highly classified information sometimes don't even get it as they don't even have the legal memos that justified the targeted killing program as we found out in
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january and february so you know the oversight does have its limits which brings me back to my question is the cia used to circumvent the law sometimes well i don't i mean i think the thing about the cia is the law it's the law whatever the president wants it to be i mean the president they operate under authority of the president to say you can go break the law in other countries that is the that is what the cia authority is so if the president says you can go around the laws of other countries break the laws the cia does it has become a somewhat. servitude organization in the sense that they won white house blessing but as we've said in the last decade or so they've gone that blessing world for the not those people it's a prize winning new york times journalist mark mazetti. well we've all heard one or two skydiving horror stories in our day most of them happen while a private company is taking a tourist for a skydive but unbelievable video is being put out on the internet of
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a paratrooper who is actually from an elite fifth special forces group being sucked out of a plane when his chute opened up did you see that the plane's jumpmaster was searching for the drop zone when it appears that his record actually caught on the ramp and triggered his chute to open up he was dragged out of what is believed to be a c one thirty hercules plane that plane is most often used for military transport a representative from the fifth special forces group actually told nine m.s.m. and that amazingly the paratrooper landed safely about thirty miles away from his target destination i guess it just goes to show that even highly trained professionals can make mistakes and that's going to do it for now for more on the stories we covered go to youtube dot com slash r t america and for the latest and greatest information on all the stories we cover today and a few that we just did not have time to get to check out our website r.t. dot com slash usa and follow me on twitter at meghan underscore lopez let me let me
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i want to know we're going to let me ask you a question. on the state board it's not related to the thing we have our nights in . the states but staying there to get your into the race we're being briefed on the surveillance. welcome to the kaiser report i'm max keiser there's a new viral hit. and hit song in japan it goes like this fix the ns appreciation quantitative easing don't forget pub.


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